Friday, October 4, 2013

Dispelling the myth House Republicans are deeply divided over shutdown to stop Obamacare

House Republicans openly opposing the strategy that led to Obama forcing a shutdown number 12 to 14. After 2014, some of them won't be congressmen anymore. I disagree with Reuters portrayal of conservatives as the "far right." Thinking the government has evolved into a bloated monstrosity, far beyond what our founding fathers intended, that is crushing our liberty and individual drive to take care of ourselves isn't extreme. It's a fact. 
In fact, support for the tactic that led to the shutdown - now in its fourth day - has proven to be far more solid and widespread among House Republicans than the Democratic portrayal.
That is because the far right, after the 2010 and 2012 congressional elections, is not a small segment at all - it represents probably 69 percent of the House Republican caucus.
Members who were endorsed by Tea Party organizations in the 2012 election make up a full third of the Republican caucus of 232 representatives.
Even more, about 160 members, a strong majority of the caucus, get high ratings from the ultra-conservative Club For Growth.

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