Saturday, October 5, 2013

Harry Reid on outrageous comment about not helping a kid with cancer: " I am not known for being real articulate"

Based on the number of offensive names Harry Reid has called conservatives trying to stop Obamacare, Harry Reid is not only articulate, but  he also owns a thesaurus.

Via PJ Tatler
On Thursday, Reid tried to explain his comment.
“You know, I am not known for being real articulate, but what I was trying to say is that we can’t be piecemealing all this stuff. We have Centers for Disease Control that’s closed. We have thousands and thousands of women and children who are not able to get their WIC monies, $45 a month. We have disabled veterans who are working, are not — who are not getting paid,” he said. “We have half a million people at the Defense Department who are on furlough. So we have to look at everything. We can’t just look at one part of this.”

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