Monday, October 7, 2013

Ruh-Roh! Independents blame Democrats and Obama for shutdown as much as Republicans...

Reportedly, the White House thinks they are winning this one, but these poll numbers indicate a near tie in public opinion and this is with many news outlets exclusively blaming Republicans for the shutdown. The numbers can only get worse for Obama and Democrats. No matter who you blame, Obama is in charge and it is his responsibility to do something.

Via CNN:
The CNN poll results are similar to those from a new Pew Research Center poll also released Monday and surveys from Gallup and CBS News/New York Times surveys conducted last week, which indicate slightly more people blaming - or angry at - Republicans than Democrats or the president for the shutdown.
Not surprisingly, huge majorities of Democrats are angry at the Republicans, and huge majorities of Republicans are angry at Obama and Democrats. Independents are equally angry at all sides, with 59% of Independents very or somewhat angry at the Democrats, six in 10 angry at the GOP, and 58% angry at Obama.

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