Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The parable of Obama the used car salesman...

See if you can see the similarities to what is happening in Washington...
A man's car motor locked up and he needed another car fast or he would lose his job, fail to make his house payment and lose his credit rating. The only car lot for miles was 'Slick Obama's Sleazy Motors.' The man had gotten ripped off on his last deal there, but had little choice since this was the only car lot around. When he got to the dealership, he was met by owner Barack Obama. After explaining his situation, Obama told the man he only had one car available for him. It was a '1995 Cadillac DeVille' for $10,000. The man was shocked at the price and had no desire to purchase a car that size, much less a Cadillac. He asked if anything else was available. Obama told him no. That was the deal. Take it or leave it. After examining the Cadillac, the man found several dents in it, severely worn tires and a questionable battery. He offered to buy the car for $8000 with a small to-do list. Obama told him, "I will not negotiate. Either buy the car at my price or face defaulting on your home loan and losing your credit rating." Obama did promise to negotiate some items later, but first the man had to agree to his deal and buy the car. Feeling he had no choice, the man paid $10,000 for the car "as is." After driving it for two weeks and having two expensive breakdowns, the man went back to
'Slick Obama's Sleazy Motors' to take Obama up on his offer to negotiate later. After explaining all the problems he had experience and how he had felt forced to buy a bigger car than he needed at a price that was outrageous, the man told Obama he wanted to reopen negotiations. Obama smiled and replied, "All sales are final."
-Bluegrass Pundit

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