Sunday, January 25, 2015

ISIS executes seven women in Mosul for refusing to be sex slaves in temporary marriages...

We need to kill these animals.

Via Bas:
The Islamic State (IS) militants have executed seven women in Mosul for refusing temporary marriage, or ‘nikah’.
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul Saed Mamuzini told BasNews that IS are demanding women accept nikah with insurgents. Nikah is a temporary marriage which permits the participants to have sex.
“Many women refuse to have sex with IS militants, in which cases they are arrested. The militants often kill them,” said Mamuzini.
“Today [Saturday] seven women from Mosul were killed at the IS base of Ghazlan,” he added.
Mamuzini claimed that these women had refused to enter in nikah with IS insurgents.
IS tell women that if they have sex with IS insurgents within the contract of nikah, it will be considered jihad for women.

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