Sunday, January 18, 2015

Obama's EPA set to effectively end thousands of years old tradition of heating homes with wood...

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80% of wood stoves are about to be banned in the U.S. The rest will likely be to expensive to be economical. This will effectively end use of wood as a heat source. Wood has been used for heating for thousands of years, but Obama's EPA thinks they know best. 
The Environmental Protection Agency is set to finalize a set of regulations in February that critics say will effectively ban production of 80 percent of the wood- and pellet-burning stoves in America.
The EPA had published a set of proposed regulations more than a year ago, and since then had accepted public comments.
But the regulations already are having an impact. An advertisement for the Central Boiler Company says that company’s classic outdoor wood furnaces will be outlawed by the new regulations and will not be available later this spring.
The EPA has argued that the new regulations would improve air quality. The regulations require stoves to burn 85 percent cleaner.

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