Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are Nancy Pelosi and the DNC "birthers"?

A commentator at Canada Free Press claims to have possession of two different versions of the document democrats used to register Barack Obama as their Presidential candidate. The first version has language certifying Barack Obama and Joe Biden are "legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution." The second document, which the DNC actually used, has this language removed. Both documents appear to be signed by Nancy Pelosi and notarized on the same day.

Here is the version with the "eligibility" language.

Click here to find a larger version.

Here is the version the DNC actually used.

Click here to find a larger version.

When contacted and asked about the first version, the DNC would only say "We are aware of it." Nancy Pelosi has refused comment so far.

The Certification of nomination the Republicans used clearly had "eligibility " language. You can see that document here.

If the first version is authentic, Nancy Pelosi and the DNC may have had serious doubts about Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to serve and were unwilling to sign their names to a document certifying he meet Constitutional requirements. Others have suggested there were just different versions because some states may have different requirements. It is unclear why the document with the eligibility language wouldn't be sent to all states even if they didn't require it. Both the documents contain the same typo. The word "though" is substituted for the word "through." Spell check won't find this typo. The typo indicates both copies are different edits of the same document.


Timeshare Jake said...

So the actual party does the certifying? What's the danger with that!

Schnitzel_Republic said...

What I find that you need just one document in each of the fifty states. I can't imagine any idiot making three, six, twelve or twenty different documents with just one word or one sentence difference.

You would make this idiot-proof and just mass mail the fifty copies or fax the fifty.

So I think the party has left a trail...and it's pretty much going to lead back to Pelosi. She knows the absolute facts. If she knows them...then at least fifty others in the party also know them. If I were White House team...I might start worrying.