Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey Obama! Can You Hear Us Now?

The 9-12 Tea Party rally in rolled into Washington, DC today. The crowd size estimate is now 2 million. President Obama ducked out and went to Minnesota for the day. You would think a true leader interested in UNITY would address our Patriots in person.

A few of the protesters.

Tea Partyers Drown Out CNN Reporter During Live

From YouTube:
Desjardins struggles to get through the interview in front of chants of "tell the truth" and "go home, CNN". After Whitfield asks Desjardins to "give it one more shot," the tea partyers start chanting Glenn Beck's name, lol.


Cindy said...

Thank you God. I wish I could have been there!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL... A guy is holding a sign saying "trade freedom for security... you will have neither." I think he is a few years too late.

rficwizard said...

Anonymous, he is more than a century late with that warning. We have been giving up freedom for a false promise of security since at least the 1860's.

Anonymous said...

your facts are skewed. a lot. there were not nearly 2 million people there, more like tens of thousands. a lot of people have been attemping to lie about this, even showing old larger pictures.

And Obama didn't duck out, he had already scheduled a speech elsewhere. Plus, you're not really supposed to address people protesting AGAINST YOU. especially not idiots and irrational and ignorant people that were there. Anyways, those tea partyers are the Nazis, they're the ones holding up the swastikas and the racists who hate black people. anybody else see the huge similarity?

Unknown said...

There were only about 60,000 people there. 60,000 sore losers with big mouths who don't know what they're talking about. And stop using fake pictures from years ago of different rallies, liars.

Anonymous said...

In Liberty

starznbarz said...

obama stated in an interview he was "not aware" there was a rally in dc on 9-12-09. small problem - we were there, we have a photo of the chopper obama was on flying over the crowd that morning,banked so freedom plaza could be viewed. seems joe wilson was can be seen on youtube slideshow titled "9-12 d.c. the will of the people" or contact us at for a copy to show your dem. friends.