Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clueless Dick Durbin doesn't know mandates are in H.R.3200 (video)

At a televised health care town hall, a constituent asks Senator Dick Durbin if the constitution allows the government to mandate Americans buy health insurance. Durbin claims ignorance of what is in H.R.3200 and refuses to say he will oppose mandates in the Senate version. It is unbelievable that Durbin is that ignorant of the house bill. Senator Durbin is either disingenuous or too lazy to do his job. Read the bill Senator. If that is too much trouble, turn on FOX News or do a Google search. When pressed on the mandate question, Durbin said, "I'd like to see how it's written." This statement indicates Durbin is OK with mandates if the language suits him. Interestingly, the questioner has a great defense against the comparison of mandatory car insurance to mandatory health insurance. The video gets interesting at the 2:30 mark.

Senator Durbin does not know what's in the Healthcare bill (video)

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