Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Will Diane Sawyer bring fairness and balance to ABC Evening News?

No. She has outed herself as a liberal too many times to count.

From Media Research Center:
At ABC, Sawyer has repeatedly lauded high-profile liberals, including Nancy Pelosi (“galvanized steel with a smile”) and Hillary Clinton (“political mastery,” “dazzling”). She even admitted to co-host Charlie Gibson that she dreamed about Bill Clinton one night after then eating a pepperoni pizza. Sawyer targeted Ken Starr, telling the independent counsel that his report on Bill Clinton’s affair was being criticized as “demented pornography, pornography for Puritans.” She derided the Bush administration’s “massive tax cuts,” championed campaign finance “reform,” and even asked then-candidate Barack Obama to judge whether America is “more racist or more sexist.”

Here are some video samples:

June 4, 2008: drooling over Hillary Clinton:

March 12, 1999: More Hillary drooling:

July 10, 2001: Dreaming of Bill Clinton:

March 3, 1993: Enamored by Castro:

More disgusting Diane Sawyer videos are here.


Amy said...

Charlie will be missed but I think Diane will be a great replacement.

Lisa said...

I think Diane Sawyer is the best choice to replace Gibson.