Monday, September 14, 2009

Prostitution Scandal Hits ACORN New York Office (video)

Oh my! Another ACORN office wants to help a pimp and prostitute scam the government. This time it is an ACORN office in New York.

Videos from Big Government:

According to the New York Post,
Counselor Volda Albert freely offered financial advice to the young couple, and held back on giving out any life advice.

"I can't tell you don't do it, because you won't listen to me," Albert said.

For tax and banking purposes, and to establish a legitimate income and credit history, Giles was told she needed to start saying she was a "freelancer."

"Don't say that you're a prostitute thing or whatever," she said.

Albert also suggested that Giles open two accounts at separate banks, depositing no more than $500 each a week to ensure few eyebrows are raised.

As for the rest of the money she earned from turning tricks, Albert told her to hide it away.

"When you buy the house with a back yard. You get a tin . . . and bury it down in there, and you put the money right in, and you put grass over it, and you don't tell a single soul but yourself where it is," she said.

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