Thursday, April 15, 2010

Schools Locked Down In Kentucky After Mobster Escapes (video)

Hmm... This shouldn't have happened. An extremely dangerous mobster in federal custody has escaped in Woodford County Kentucky.


Friends of Ours Blog reported:
Derek Capozzi, a member of a Boston drug gang known as the DeCologero Crew which allegedly was tied to the Carroza faction of the Patriarca crime family, "has escaped from federal custody by kicking out the door of a van during a prisoner transport in central Kentucky" as reported by Shelley Murphy and Martin Finucane for The Boston Globe:
Capozzi was convicted by a federal jury in 2005 of helping to cover up the [1996] killing of Aislin Silva, 19, of Medford. Silva was killed by a Mafia-connected gang of drug dealers and thieves who feared she might cooperate with authorities. Capozzi helped to hack...

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" So, he wasn't in ankle shackles and hand cuffs? What kind of security did they have on this convicted killer and mobster. The truth is..someone wasn't doing their job correctly."