Saturday, June 11, 2011

38% of all new jobs created in Texas

Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington

If Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to run for the GOP 2012 nomntion, he has one great statistic. 38% of all new jobs have been created in Texas
(Washington Examiner) — If Texas Gov. Rick Perry is “seriously considering running for president,” as my Examiner colleague Phil Klein reported, he has a ready-made campaign issue that could be his ace in the hole.
“Since the recovery began, 38 percent of all the jobs created in American have been created in the State of Texas,” Dallas Federal Reserve president Richard Fisher told CNBC’s “The Squawk Reserve” Tuesday.
“My district has more employment now than before the crisis began,” Fisher added.
Imagine a one-theme presidential campaign based on the simple fact that while President Obama was out there destroying American jobs by the millions, Perry was busy creating them in Texas.
Fisher cited the lack of a state income tax, and Texas’ business-friendly regulatory environment for its economic success, which has catapulted the Lone Star State to the top exporter in the U.S., surpassing California.  But “the most important thing that’s happened to us is tort reform,” he said.
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