Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confirmed: Michigan Food Stamp Receipt Bought Lobster and Porterhouse Steak

The receipt was has been circulating the Internet. It was reportedly found in a parking lot in Michigan.

It has been confirmed as authentic by a columnist at the the Lansing State Journal.
I figured it had to be hoax.

It was just too perfect - in a perverse sort of way.

But I confirmed Monday morning the receipt, allegedly found in the parking lot of Angeli's County Market, in the Upper Peninsula town of Menominee, was legitimate.

It shows that somebody went into Angeli's in February and bought six lobsters, two porterhouse steaks and five cases of Mountain Dew - in all, $141.78 worth of groceries - using a Michigan Bridge Card.
With a record number of Americans on food stamps, lobster sales must be through the roof.

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