Saturday, June 4, 2011

Couple Wrongly Foreclosed On Try To Seize Bank Of America Assets

This must have been sweet revenge for these homeowners.
(WINK)- The foreclosure nightmare started when Warren and Maureen Nyerges paid cash for a home owned by Bank of American in the Golden Gate Estates. They never had a mortgage whatsoever. But, the bank fouled it up and wound up issuing a foreclosure through their attorney.

The couple took their case to court and after a year and a half nightmare the foreclosure was dropped. A Collier County judge said Bank of America has to pay the couple's $2,534 legal fees for the error. After more than five months the bank still hadn't paid up. So, the homeowners' attorney did just what the bank would do to get their money, legally seize their assets.

"I instructed the deputy to go in and take desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets, including cash in the drawers," Attorney Todd Allen told WINK News....
Allen says the manager was visibly shaken, "Having two Sheriff's deputies sitting across your desk, and a lawyer standing behind them, demanding whatever assets are in the bank can be intimidating. But, so is having your home foreclosed on when it wasn't right."

After about an hour the bank finally cut a check to satisfy the debt, and no furniture was taken.... Read more here.

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Boschalicious said...

This sadly has been going on for sometime. In 2009 I was working in a law office helping handle loss mitigation matters and lenders would wrongly foreclose on homes of borrowers who had been put on trial loan modification plans and were making their payments. It's sad to think that this whole housing crisis could have been avoided if it wasn't for those ACORN lawyers, one of whom is our fearless leaders, Barack Obama.