Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Queen Michelle is practicing with her own teleprompter

Some people can speak from the heart. Others can only parrot words off a teleprompter screen. Add Michelle Obama to the second category.
(Politico) — President Obama is well known for his comfortable use of the teleprompter. But for his wife, showing confidence in front of the text machine doesn’t come easily.
In a Newsweek profile published Sunday, the first lady’s staff members said the first lady will “spend hours and even days preparing for one appearance,” according to the article.
For major speeches, like a commencement address at West Point, Obama will edit drafts by hand, according to the magazine. “Staff will then drag a lectern into her office, where she will rehearse the speech with a teleprompter for days,” it said.
“She demands a lot of herself,” David Axelrod, President Obama’s former senior adviser, told the publication.

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