Monday, June 6, 2011

Rudy Giuliani demands Mitt Romney apologize for RomneyCare

If Mitt Romney is to have nay hope of being victorious in the GOP 2012 presidential primary, he should heed Rudy Giuliani's advice. Romney should admit Romneycare was a huge mistake and throw himself on the mercy of GOP primary voters.
(NY Daily News) – Rudy Giuliani demanded that Mitt Romney apologize for his Massachusetts health care plan during a visit to New Hampshire on Friday.

The former mayor of New York said that Romney made a “terrible mistake” in requiring residents to purchase health care when he signed the plan into law five years ago, the New Hampshire Union Leader reports.

“[Romney] can’t talk his way out of this,” Giuliani said. “If you create a state or a federal government that can give orders like that, you’re taking away people’s freedom, and I think Gov. Romney should be more sensitive to that.”

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