Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alleged Southern sorority girl in 'Tea Party Fail' picture is really a Democrat voting for Obama...

Liberals, democrats, Obama supporters and Tea Party hater have had a lot of fun with this picture.

AL reports:
As the story goes, a sorority girl at the University of Alabama, in some sort of political fit, scribbled a barely literate screed on the back of a pizza box. Amid the debris of a college dorm room, the young woman grits her teeth and scrunches her face as she holds up her homemade sign. A freshly used Sharpie is still between her fingers.
The sad part for them is it isn't in anyway true. The girl in the picture attends a liberal arts university in western Massachusetts, isn't in a sorority and plans on voting for Obama. This was a prop for a "Teabagger" costume.  The girl in the picture has a Tumbler blog. Take that liberals. 

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Anonymous said...

The idot is the college student who doesn't know the difference between Their and There