Monday, October 29, 2012

Tracking Sandy (Video)

Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) As of the latest National Hurricane Center update Sunday night, Sandy hasn’t changed it’s course or intensity much. It remains a Category 1 hurricane with low central pressure, and is still tracking toward the northeast, though that will change overnight (in fact, I’m starting to detect a more northward push looking at the most recent satellite. This is a HUGE storm, with a diameter of over 700 miles wide and a tropical storm wind field over 400 miles wide, meaning that it will impact a very large number of people for an extended period of time.

Unlike many storms that move up the coast and are in and out quickly, Sandy will be arriving almost perpendicular to the New Jersey coastline, and then weakening but dawdling as it moves inland. That means even in Philadelphia and the suburbs, tropical storm force winds could last over 48 hours!

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