Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interesting: Republicans always win November 6th presidential elections...

Well, since 1845 anyway...

Via Breitbart

Starting in 1792, states had a range of dates on which to conduct presidential elections, but in 1845 Congress standardized the date so it would always be the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Since then presidential elections have been held on dates ranging from November 2nd to November 8th with each date coming up about six times in a fairly regular pattern. The date November 6th has always been a good one for Republicans:
  • 1860 - Abraham Lincoln over Stephen Douglas
  • 1888 - Benjamin Harrison over incumbent Grover Cleveland
  • 1900 - William McKinley over William Jennings Bryan
  • 1928 - Herbert Hoover over Al Smith
  • 1956 - Dwight Eisenhower over Adlai Stevenson
  • 1984 - Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale

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