Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Obama threatens to block all funding for DHS if Republicans try to block his illegal amnesty...

This threatened action by Obama won't happen unless someone gave McConnell and Boehner some balls for Christmas. 
Everybody knew that one kid when they were younger who, when they didn’t get their way, would pitch a fit and take their toy or ball and just go home.
President Barack Obama basically just pitched a fit and threatened to take his toy called the Department of Homeland Security away from everybody, if the Republicans in Congress won’t fund his illegal and unconstitutional amnesty plans.

According to the Daily Caller, one of Obama’s top aides said that Obama could essentially block all funding for, and essentially shut down, the DHS, if the GOP tries to do anything legislatively about his executive amnesty.
Dan Pfeiffer said that Obama would block all funding for the entire department, and would veto any spending bill if the Republicans try to impose cuts to spending aimed at stopping or slowing Obama’s plans to allow illegal immigrants into the country.
This is basically a threat to the GOP to force them to back off plans to defund Obama’s amnesty.