Sunday, December 14, 2014

Twenty GOP Senators voted against Point of Order questioning Constitutionality of Obama's Illegal Immigrant EO (List is here)

Here are their names. Throw them all out of office at the next available election. This is as good a list of RINO's as you can find. These so-called Republican Senators think Obama giving de facto amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants against the explicit wishes of Congress and American votes is perfectly fine.

Nay R Alexander, Lamar TN
Nay R Ayotte, Kelly NH
Nay R Barrasso, John WY
Nay R Coats, Daniel IN
Nay R Cochran, Thad MS
Nay R Collins, Susan ME
Nay R Corker, Bob TN
Nay R Cornyn, John TX
Nay R Enzi, Michael WY
Nay R Flake, Jeff AZ
Nay R Graham, Lindsey SC
Nay R Hatch, Orrin UT
Nay R Heller, Dean NV
Nay R Johnson, Ron WI
Nay R Kirk, Mark IL
Nay R McCain, John AZ
Nay R McConnell, Mitch KY
Nay R Murkowski, Lisa AK
Nay R Toomey, Pat PA
Nay R Wicker, Roger MS

Note: Don't be confused by the Bills title at the GovTrack site. This was another sleight of hand where they took a completely unrelated bill, gutted it, and replaced it with the budget resolution.The explanation is here.

Note: It is strange 20 Republicans voted against the attempt to call out Obama's illegal immigration EO as unconstitutional. Some have speculated they did it in a petty fit of rage because Cruz forced them to work weekends. My guess is they are just RINOs being RINOs and have no intention to seriously fight Obama over his illegal immigration EO or any other serious issue next year. 

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