Sunday, September 6, 2009

Leftist MSM Attack Internet Over Van Jones Resignation

After doing their best to ignore the brewing controversy around now resigned Green Czar Anthony Van Jones, the leftist mainstream media have found their throats. They are outraged over the Internet. They don't like anyone doing the job they won't.

NBC's Meet The Press Attack The Internet & Bloggers

From the video:
"the open sewer of internet disinformation"

They fail to notice Van Jones wasn't taken out by what internet bloggers said. He was taken out by his own statements via video.


Carol Boyer Kelly said...

I didn't really see this as an assault or attack. I saw it as absolute truth.

When I was still teaching and the Internet became a part of our resources, we taught our students to carefully consider the source. I attended classes for four years on a scholarship from NASA to learn about these "new" educational technologies. We can find essays on nuclear physics posted by high school kids, and blogs on social injustice posted by 6th graders. Animal rights activists and pedophiles equally use our cyberspace.

Just because it is written, however, does not mean it is true. Often, it is opinion. More often, it is junk. Users DO have to vet sources.

That is what Glenn Beck did. He probably recieved thousands of tips a day, but his information on Van Jones was based on absolute proof.... Van Jones' own words captured on tape. He didn't have to guess, suggest, opine, speculate or create. He just reported what he and his staff found.

As much as Obama loves the camera, I'm surprised we don't have more proof of what he did as a college student and a young community organizer. He will not produce records. Was he laying low? Or was it just the lacking technology?

We do have the ability to be film-makers and editors and reporters and sleuths and Paparazzi now. We need to take that responsibility seriously.

But, what we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED, is someone or some agency or our government trampling on our First Amendment rights to speak/ write/ IM/ tweet/ email/ pen/ fax/ mail/ blog /express our feelings and opinions.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

"I didn't really see this as an assault or attack. I saw it as absolute truth. "

The attack here is by the leftist MSM against nontraditional information sources that the MSM can't control. The context in which they are speaking is what makes this an attack by the commentators. The information provided by Beck, Gateway Pundit and others was factual. Why talk about the unreliability of Internet information in that contest? Those comments seem to imply much of what was said about Van Jones was false and a smear. This is an attempt to discredit factual sources.