Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baucus Blames Right Wing Websites for Pointing Out His Drunken Behavior on the Senate Floor

From Newsbusters:
MSNBC reported this afternoon that Max Baucus is "blasting right-wing websites like Drudge and NewsBusters" for suggesting he was drunk on the Senate floor during the health care debate. See P.J. Gladnick's Bizarre Baucus Behavior on Senate Floor Ignored by MSM.

Here is the MSNBC clip.

Here is a longer clip. Was Baucus smashed? You decide.

Looks like he was celebrating the nationalization of our health care system before he made this speech.

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Anonymous said...

Look, I'm no Republican, but I've been around enough drunk people to believe that he was at least on something. You don't have to be Republican to acknowledge that he was likely drunk.