Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taliban Declare 2009 Successful Year Based on Obama's "Dithering"

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows showing indecisiveness to your enemies will only embolden them. President Obama has has raised indecisiveness to a new level in 2009. He has ended the "war or terror," refused to name radical Islam as a root cause of terror and 'dithered" on Afghanistan. The Taliban have read the tea leaves and are calling 2009 "a successful year for mujahideen." Why are we not surprised?

CNN reported:
"Last year the guerrilla warfare, frontline war, attacks and road mines against the invaders increased as the enemy began to cry out for reconciliation," said the statement, obtained by CNN on Wednesday.

"The enemy does not have a constant policy," the unsigned statement said. "Sometimes they talk about sending more soldiers and other times they speak of an early withdrawal. Their thinking is irrational."

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