Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cost of ReidCare: $6,363.94 Per Actual Tax Payer

From Free Republic via Weasel Zippers:
Based on the number of taxes filed in 2008 and the number of people who actually pay taxes roughly 6 out of 10 who file or 60%

From Fox News: "To get all 58 Democrats and two independents on board, Reid, among other things, had to drop a government-run insurance option and a Medicare buy-in and had to increase taxes by $25 billion more than planned, bringing the total tax increases to $518 billion."

135,660,228 (based on people who filed taxes in 2008) X 60% = 81,396,137 who actually pay taxes

$518,000,000,000 (amount of Health Care total tax increase) divided 81,396,137(Americans who pay taxes) = $6,363.94 per actual tax payer.

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