Monday, December 28, 2009

Democrats Exempted Many UAW Members From Paying Health Insurance Premium Taxes

Everyone knows about the special deal democrats gave Ben Nelson to buy his vote for Obamacare. The rest of America is required to pay the additional Medicare costs for Nebraska forever and the largest health insurance company in Nebraska, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is exempt from the new health insurance premium taxes levied on gold-plated health insurance plans. What many people overlooked is Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield was also exempted from the new health insurance premium taxes. When there was never any doubt how Michigan's Senators would vote, why was Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield exempted? The answer is the UAW. The UAW has one of the most expensive health care plans in America. The UAW health care plan even pays for Lasik eyesight-improvement surgery. Guess what insurance company covers most current and retired UAW members in Michigan. If you guessed Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield, you would be correct. Actually, the UAW has organized Blue Cross/Blue Shield workers in Michigan. Corrupt democrats exempted much of their UAW membership base from paying the tax on their gold-plated health insurance plan.

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