Friday, January 29, 2010

Sen. Conrad's Support of Reconciliation for Obamacare Makes a Fool of His Impassioned 2001 Speech Against Using Reconciliation for HCR

Sen. Kent Conrad chairs the Senate Budget Committee that will have to start the reconciliation process if it is to be used to pass Obamacare. Reconciliation can not be used if he is not on board. Yesterday, he indicated he was open to using the reconciliation process to ram Obamacare down your throats. In the past, Sen. Kent Conrad has taken an unyielding and impassioned stance against using reconciliation for anything but deficit reduction. Ironically, he used health care reform as the example of what it would be wrong to use reconciliation to pass. The following video is from 4/2/01 when Sen. Kent Conrad went on a several minute rant on the Senate floor against the proposal to use reconciliation to pass health care reform back 1993 and 1994. He was referring to Bill Clinton's $138 billion health care proposal. Conrad said that was "not what the Founding Fathers intended for this body..." Conrad also said, "It is an absolute abuse to use reconciliation for any other purpose than deficit reduction."

Sen. Kent Conrad needs to explain what has changed now. Bill Clinton's $138 billion proposal is dwarfed by Senate democrats massive $871 billion over 10 years bill. Sen. Conrad is in danger of making a fool of himself.

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