Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Delaware Demo Chris Coons Proposed Taxing Citizens for Making an Emergency 911 Call

It appears Delaware Democratic Senatorial nominee Chris Coons never met a tax he didn't like. Coons once proposed taxing cell phone users for calling 911. No wonder he is Harry Reid's pet.

The Washington Examiner reported:
Coons inherited a surplus. Celebrating victory on election night in 2004, he said his “top priority would be to continue balancing the budget without increasing property taxes,” according to an account in the local News Journal. Yet in 2006, he pushed through a 5 percent increase in property taxes. In 2007, he raised property taxes 17.5 percent. In 2009, he raised them another 25 percent.

Coons wanted to raise other taxes, too. He proposed a hotel tax, a tax on paramedic services, even a tax on people who call 911 from cell phones.


Snowed In said...

Plus he appears to be wearing his flag pin upside-down.

Laughing said...

Seriously? Taxing people who call 911? That doesn't even make ****ing sense.

The tax code has nothing to do with emergency services, and never will. You are full of it.