Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Miller Has a Big Lead in Three Way Alaska Senate Race

It looks like most of Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign support is coming from Democratic nominee Scott McAdams' supporters. Miller is ahead by 15%.

From RealClearPolitics:
A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Alaska Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller with a surprisingly comfortable lead over incumbent and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.

In the poll, Miller had the support of 42 percent of Alaska voters, while Murkowski was just slightly ahead of Democratic nominee Scott McAdams with 27 percent. McAdams finished in third place with 25 percent.

From Rasmussen:

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Patient Grasshopprt said...

Quite a good picture of the current power struggle. I have also never seen such a successful write in campaign outside of nowhere small towns, but that is likely due to her being the incumbent. In any case, I like how people are finally coming to there senses, or at least starting to, and throwing out the incumbents.