Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shameful: Alan Grayson Clipped Dan Webster Quote for Opposite Meaning

Rep. Alan Grayson has ran the most despicable campaign ads of the year. One impugned Webster's patriotism. That one was determined to be blatantly false by Fact Check. Then, Grayson released an ad painting Webster as a religious zealot and calling him "Taliban Dan." The ad has a clip of Dan Webster saying the part of the biblical verse "Wives Submit to me." A clip of Webster repeating this phrase is repeated four times in a thirty second ad. Grayson not only took this out of context, but used it for the exact opposite meaning of which it was intended. You can see the video below that this quote was snipped from. In it, Webster actually say husbands should not pray for their wives to submit to them.

Alan Grayson is the lowest form of political life in this country. Throw him out of office.

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Anonymous said...

Alan Grayson would have to reach up to touch a worm's belly.