Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama's Organizing for America holds anti-hate rally and calls Andrew Breitbart a "Homo"

The hypocrisy of leftists is mind-exploding. This took place in Chicago at the Right Nation 2010 event.

Via Jim Hoft:
Obama's Organizing for America (OFA) members were bussed into the parking lot before the Right Nation 2010 Conference in Chicago. The leftist protesters harassed Andrew Breitbart and called him a homo. This is while one of the members was leading the group in prayer.

OFA "Religious" Activists Harass Andrew Breitbart - Call Him a Homo (video)


Samuel Gonzalez said...

I thught Homos are part of their base, so why would they use it as a put down?

Thanks for adding me to your Blog Roll

DesertCactus said...

These people are really confused. They are also frightened and that makes them dangerous.