Monday, October 15, 2012

Janet Napolitano: Another 9/11 Is “Virtually Impossible”…

People still get guns through airport security

Via Euronews:
There was almost a culture of rivalry between certain security agencies at the time of 9/11. That has been eradicated – you’re confident… Would you say you’re confident that 9/11 couldn’t happen again for those reasons?
I’m very confident about that. I think the events that led to 9/11 with the current procedures and practices that we have in place now – not just within DHS (Department of Homeland Security) but with the FBI and others.
It would be virtually impossible to have a replication of 9/11. That’s not to say we couldn’t have another style or another type of attack, which is what I mean when I say we can’t ever rest and say we’re finished. Once we say that, our adversaries will find some other means of attack.

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