Sunday, October 14, 2012

Uh oh! Hillary Clinton blames WH for false statement on Libyan attack

This could get interesting. Hillary Clinton has dreams of 2016 and isn't going to go willingly under the Obama re-election bus.

Via Examiner:
Today the confusion only worsened yet again when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that her agency was not the source of misinformation concerning the attacks, charging instead that the White House was the source of the false mantra that the murders were spurred by an anti-Muslim film made in the United States.

Clinton told reporters that when Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, made her rounds on every Sunday morning news show to claim the film motivated the attacks, the information had been fed to her by the White House and not the intelligence community in the State Department or the CIA.

Not only does Clinton's statement contradict early White House accounts but directly contradicts statements made by Vice President Biden during the debate.

Biden claimed that the White House had only repeated the information provided by the intelligence community and that no one had been informed of the facts concerning the nature of the attacks and their connection to al Qaeda terrorism.


Anonymous said...

That's right, Hillary! Don't get thrown under Obama's bus without a fight.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

I'll bet Bill Clinton is livid.

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin!