Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nancy Pelosi on House Minority Leader position: "I wouldn't think of walking away."

The witch isn't going anywhere. I predict record gridlock in the House...

Via Fox News
Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that she plans to seek another term as House Democratic leader, though Democrats were unable to win back control of the chamber.

The longtime California Democratic congresswoman, known for her partisan style, acknowledged the party fell short in gaining the 25 additional seats necessary to take the majority but stressed the "unity" of the party.

"We don't have the gavel," she said. "We have something more important, we have unity."
She later said: "I wouldn't think of walking away."

Pelosi initially stirred speculation when she declined to say a day earlier what her plans were. But she told a packed caucus meeting Wednesday morning that if Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., continues to lead the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, she will be happy to place her hat in for another term as minority leader. 

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