Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vladimir Putin' aide to West: "Tanks don't need visas"

One of Vladimir Putin's closest aides has issued a chilling warning to the West: "Tanks don't need visas".
Deputy premier Dmitry Rogozin - seen by some as a future Kremlin president - claimed the West is now scared of Moscow's military muscle.
His outspoken words come as the West remains at loggerheads with Russia over Putin's seizure of Crimea, and alleged military strongarm tactics in eastern Ukraine.
Vowing to exploit the vast mineral riches of the Arctic, Rogozin claimed that America and Euorpe "are afraid of Russia".
The West is "afraid of the fact that we have started looking around, at our enormous territory", which, he argued, reached far north of existing frontiers in the Arctic.
In overall charge of Russia's space and defence industries, he told a TV show that Russia would develop "our huge EurAsia", exploiting vast mineral wealth under the Arctic ice.

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Anonymous said...

I'm telling you....all hell is going to break loose and we are going to have a 'president' who hates America at the helm. Unbelievable this is being allowed to continue.... Can someone find Congress please???