Saturday, December 5, 2009

14 days have Past And Mainstream Media Still Silent About Climategate

The Media Research Center is sending a copy of the NYT's story on Climategate to ABC, NBC and CBS. There networks have been almost completely silent about the biggest scientific scandal of our lifetimes and MRC is afraid they haven't yet head about the Climategate email scandal story. They are having the stories delivered by bicycle messenger to maintain global warming political correctness.

NewsBusters reported:
For 14 straight days, the three broadcast networks have failed to report on the great and growing ClimateGate scandal on their weekday morning or evening news programs. How to explain this?

Perhaps it is that ABC, NBC and CBS have not yet heard of the story, despite two weeks of non-stop reporting on and discussion of ClimateGate in a whole host of media outlets.

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Ray said...

OMG that picture is racist Bluegrass!!!! LOL..

it's unbelievable the media can engage in an open conspiracy like this with the scientists and media and continue with a straight face as if the charade isn't over..

It's called Denial and we ain't talking about that river in Egypt ....these liberals are all infected.