Saturday, December 12, 2009

Senator Nelson Exempts Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward counties From Medicare Advantage Benefits Cuts

There is language in Harry Reids's Senate health care bill to exempts Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward counties from Medicare Advantage benefits cuts. This is thought to be a pay-off for Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Many pundits wondered how Nelson could justify supporting a health care reform bill that cuts Medicare by $500 billion when his home state has so many seniors. Now, we know. He is having the heart of his base exempted from the worst of the cuts. This should be criminal.


Anonymous said...

So if you don't live in those three counties, you be screwed.

Anonymous said...

rendworolWhat on earth were you thinking? Seniors are having enough problems with no Cola and prices rising on perscriptions and Dr. bills. You should be ashamed of yourself