Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Mayo Clinic Quits Taking Medicare

Isn't one of the ways to expand coverage in the democrat's health reform bills to expand Medicare and Medicaid? If you are on Medicare, don't plan on getting the best medical care in the country.


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Anonymous said...

Same problem of 1990 era when BRAC closed military posts,bases, dumping military retirees over 65 years of age onto medicare only, with doctors not willing to accept us. Payment to providers was slow, and low. After lawsuit, Tricare (standard, prime, and Tricare for Life for 65 plus retirees) started in 2001. But DOD tried to add charges and fees to that, only being stopped by congress. With providers receiving 21% less in April and afterwards, we will see more providers drop medicare, medicaid, and work with pay as you go, cash customers. Or those with better employer provided insurance.