Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avoid the New Heath Care Coverage Tax. Join the Amish.

Under the Democrats health care reform bills, it is mandatory for Americans to purchase coverage. If they don't, penalties of several hundred to thousands of dollars will apply. The Amish have received an exemption from the requirement to purchase insurance. If the Amish can get an exemption, we have to wonder why our worthless congressmen didn't get one for ordinary Americans. Communities like the Amish may be the only places left with any liberty when the Obama administration ends. Anyone feeling nostalgic for a horse-drawn buggy ride?

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Anonymous said...

A good example of the perverse results of government intervention.

I heard Mark Steyn talking about this. This will result in "Amish" construction companies all up and down the East Coast.

Nothing against them, they are good folk, and I'm sure they want no special favors from Uncle Sam.

But it just goes to show that the feral government should butt out. Stop being a player and resume the legitimate roll of impartial referee and judge.