Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Demorcats Plan to Force Welfare Recipients to Register to Vote?

Now that ACORN's ability to register illegal immigrants and other fake voters has been damaged by scandals, democrats need a new plan to steal elections. According to this report and video, they have one. Democrats plan to force welfare recipients and others who receive government benefits to be automatically registered to vote.
Democrat Senators Charles Schumer and Barney Frank are poised to introduce a bill this month supporting federal mandates on voter registration that would override most state laws. The Universal Voter Registration legislation would require all citizens enrolled in any state government programs to automatically be registered to vote, regardless of their wishes. Thus, welfare recipients, those receiving unemployment benefits or possibly everyone who even possesses a drivers license would be registered to vote... alongside convicted felons and illegal immigrants who receive those same services.

Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund predicts the Democrats will try to sneak this stealth legislation into law at breakneck speed to avoid public outrage. Fund speaks about Universal Voter Registration in chilling detail:

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Timeshare Jake said...

The only way the Democrats can win is screw with the election laws and use organizations like ACORN to cheat.