Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dems Fearing Disaster In Massachusetts Senate Race

Internal democratic polling has the race too close to call, but momentum is with Brown.
I wrote a column last week in which I dismissed the chances of Republican Scott Brown actually winning next Tuesday’s Senate special election in Massachusetts. The race would be close, I figured — 53-47 for Coakley, or something like that — but the state’s blue tint would be just enough to save the Democrats.

I’d now like to qualify that prediction. Coakley’s internal poll last night, I’ve been told, showed her barely ahead...

Pundits are moving this race to the 'toss up' category.
Democratic desperation and other compelling evidence strongly suggest that Democrats may well lose the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat in Tuesday’s special election. Because of this, we are moving our rating of the race from Narrow Advantage for the Incumbent Party to Toss-Up.

Republican Scott Brown is excited.

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