Monday, January 11, 2010

Updated: Scott Brown Raises $750 thousand in One Day

Massachusetts Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown started the day wanting to raise a half of a million dollars. he passed that mark at 4:00 PM and is almost at three quarters of a million dollars at the time of this post.

From Hot Air:
They started the day asking for $500,000; they crossed that line a little after 4 p.m. ET and are pushing on now to three-quarters of a mil. In the past half hour or so, they’ve raised roughly $20,000. If you can spare it, get out that credit card and go make some headlines.

Two interesting footnotes about the state of play right now. First, an aide from the DNC is headed to Massachusetts to lend Coakley a hand, but The One himself has decided to take a pass this time. Is that because they know victory’s in hand and don’t need him on the trail, or is it because they think victory’s not in hand and the White House doesn’t want to repeat the humiliation of Obama stumping for losers like Corzine and Deeds on their way to defeat?

You can join the fun and donate to Scott Brown's campaign here.

Update: The final figure was $1.3 million.

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