Monday, October 8, 2012

Shocker: Hugo Chavez wins re-election

Exit polls showed his opponent was winning. Election fraud anyone?

Via ABC News:
President Hugo Chávez has retained power in Venezuela, after defeating opponent Henrique Capriles, by a comfortable victory of 900,000 votes.

Chávez, the longest serving president in Latin America, has been re-elected for the third time. His new term will be from 2013 to 2019. He was first elected to power in 1998.

Shortly after his victory was announced by Venezuela's National Electoral Council at 10:15pm local time, fireworks went off in several Caracas neighborhoods. Thousands of Chávez supporters in red shirts headed towards the Presidential Palace in Caracas to watch the socialist leader speak.

"The candidate of the right and his campaign team have just announced that they have recognized our victory," Chávez told an ecstatic crowd. "And that is a very important step towards the construction of peace and coexistence in Venezuela," added the president, whose politics have deeply polarized Venezuelan society.

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