Monday, October 8, 2012

VP Joe Biden to take six days to prepare for debating Rep. Paul Ryan

It won't be long enough...

Via Weekly Standard:
With just about a month until Election Day, Vice President Joe Biden is in the middle of taking nearly a week off the campaign trail. He will return to doing campaign events on Thursday, when he will debate Rep. Paul Ryan in the vice presidential debate.
On Friday, October 5, according to the White House, Biden spent the day working. In the morning, he was scheduled to attend the presidential daily briefing in the Oval Office, with President Obama. That afternoon Biden was to “meet with senior advisors,” according to the White House. [...]
So while Biden is taking 6 days off the campaign trail at a crucial time in the presidential campaign, it’s likely that he isn’t completely off. He is said to be spending time with David Axelrod and other campaign advisers preparing for Thursday’s debate.
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