Monday, November 12, 2012

NYT: MSNBC may replace Ed Schultz with Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein...

Best news of the day...

Via Mediaite:
Buried in a broader piece about MSNBC successfully becoming the liberals partisan cable news answer to Fox, The New York Times’ Brian Stelter reports a big piece of news that can’t make MSNBC’s 8 pm host Ed Schultz happy. When discussing evolving programming on MSNBC, the Times media reporter writes that the liberal network (which he also points out seems to have become even more liberal than Fox is conservative) is seeking to create more political programming on weekends. Then in the third to last paragraph of the piece, he casually drops this bomb:
“Several MSNBC employees, who spoke about programming plans on the condition of anonymity, said the most likely candidate for a new show was the Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, a frequent substitute for Ms. Maddow. Mr. Klein may start with a weekend time slot, but these people said the 8 p.m. weekday time slot held by Mr. Schultz was also a possibility.”

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