Monday, November 5, 2012

Richard Trumka touts claim unions will take away secret ballot elections if Obama wins...

It's called card check and it's evil and un-American. 

Via Politico:
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka tells The Atlantic’s Molly Ball that so-called card-check legislation will happen in a second Obama term:
“[...] You’ll see it,” he says. “That’s within the next term.” How is that possible, without a Democratic House of Representatives or 60 votes in the Senate? Trumka smiles. His eyes twinkle.
“There’s another election between now and then,” he says. And the AFL-CIO isn’t going anywhere.”
The legislation would make it easier for labor unions to organize by abolishing the secret ballot — and was a top labor priority during Obama’s first term. And it’s one of the enduring sources of tension between the labor movement and the Obama administration.
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Noted Liberal, labor supporter and former Democratic candidate the late George McGovern explains why card check is wrong.  

George McGovern on the Employee Free Choice Act (video)

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