Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicates willingness to help Obama finish his destruction of America...

The election is over. It's back to business as usual for McConnell. 

Via Washington Examiner
Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is “not opposed” to negotiating with President Obama, he said in an interview with CNN that aired Sunday, and expressed eagerness to work with the president to find a middle ground in the coming year.
“Now he needs to talk to us,” McConnell said. “And that’s good, because when the American people elect a divided government, they’re not saying they don’t want anything done. What they are saying is, they want things done in the political center, things that both sides can agree on. We talk about the things where there may be some agreement.”
Indeed, the White House has begun to indicate that President Obama will take less of a go-it-alone approach in 2015 and attempt to work with and through the Republican-led Congress to achieve his policy goals. Republican leaders, like McConnell, have so far expressed optimism that such collaboration will yield some breakthroughs.[…]

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