Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Australia Fails To Pass Their Cap and Trade Bill

In the shadow of Climategate, the Australian Liberal Party has revolted against expensive legislation to limit CO2 emissions and implement carbon trading. There was a forced change of leadership over this issue.
The Liberal Party last week agreed to back the carbon laws, but climate change skeptics forced a leadership and policy change on Tuesday. "We won't have an ETS as part of our policy going to the next election...," Liberal leader Tony Abbott said Wednesday.

Without Liberal support, Australia's Cap and Trade Legislation failed to pass. Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be going to Copenhagen empty-handed.
Reuters UK reported:

Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the government would re-introduce the carbon trade bills in February to give the opposition Liberal Party one more chance to support the scheme, adding the government was not looking at an early election.

"Today the climate change extremists and deniers ... have stopped this nation taking action on climate change," Gillard told reporters.

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