Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Global Warming Fail: Lowest Hurricane Season in 12 Years

The 2009 hurricane season has finished with the lowest number of named storms in 12 years and the first time in three years no hurricane struck the US mainland.

Global warming scientists have been forced to retract their earlier claims global warming would make more storms. The global warming hoaxers now claim global warming will decrease hurricane activity. Even Al Gore has been forced to remove his hurricane slide from his "Inconvenient Truth" global warming slide show. In other news, the planet Earth has been cooling since 1998.

An Inconvenient Lie:

Anthropogenic global warming is a fraud that has been exposed by Climategate.


Anonymous said...

I occasionally troll areas of the innerwebs where liberals lurk, and it is amusing but sad to hear people who know nothing of science try to defend this flim flam.

I am hoping that the Copenhagen hoopla brings this all to high relief.

btw, I thought this site was about music... but I like it anyway. Keep up the good work!

10ksnooker said...

Hey, don't wake the hurricane Gods ...